The Security Event 2023

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on the recent Security Event2023, where leading security companies and distributors such as Suprema Inc.Paxton Access LtdASSA ABLOY Groupbarox KommunikationCDVI UKCOP UK and DVS Ltd came together to showcase their latest advancements in the security industry.

Seeing the innovative products and services showcased was genuinely inspiring, highlighting the importance of staying ahead of evolving security threats. From biometric access control solutions to advanced CCTV systems, these companies are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies to keep our communities safe and secure.

We were particularly impressed by Suprema’s latest racial recognition technology, which offers a highly accurate and efficient way of identifying individuals, even in crowded public spaces.

Paxton’s cloud-based access control system also stood out, offering businesses a secure and flexible way of managing access permissions.

The event provided a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing, with industry experts sharing their insights and experiences on mitigating security risks in today’s digital age. It was a reminder that, as Security Professionals, we must work together to stay ahead of the curve and ensure our communities remain safe and secure.

Overall, it was a fantastic event that showcased the best in the security industry. We look forward to seeing how these companies continue to push the boundaries of innovation and work towards a safer future.

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