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Are your premises compliant with current Fire Safety Regulations?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 places the responsibility of individuals within an organisation to carry out risk assessments to identify, manage and reduce the risk of fire. Under Article 17 of the RRFSO fire safety provisions must be maintained in suitable condition and working order. Fire doors may form part of your premises strategy for managing this risk.

How often should my fire doors be maintained?

Maintenance means periodic inspection, repairs, and adjustments to ensure the ongoing integrity of the fire door. This should be carried out as soon as possible after installation and within a maximum of 6 months – (BS9999: Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management, and use of buildings guidance).

Fire doors should be inspected in 6-12 monthly intervals depending on use (maybe even more frequently in high-traffic areas).

Why use a 3rd party certified Installer and maintainer like Ceaton?

Fire-rated doors are vital to building occupants to ensure the ability to evacuate to a safe place or if a ‘stay put’ rescue plan is in place they keep the smoke and fire from spreading through the building. All fire doors should be correctly specified and installed.

We at Ceaton are proud to be able to offer fire doors that are manufactured and installed to the BMTRDA Q-Mark scheme. This gives the end client the peace of mind that the doors have been certified from the point of manufacture to the end of the installation and maintained to a third-party certified scheme on an ongoing basis.

About your Fire Doors

Internal doors are typically made of timber. While these give some protection against smoke and fire, they are not acceptable as a means of a fire barrier. Only fire-rated doors that have been manufactured and tested to the relevant standards BS 8214:2016 provide the required level of protection. Metal fire-resisting doors are also available, and all fire-resisting doors are rated by their performance when tested to an appropriate standard.

Each door range is given its fire rating primarily by the amount of time it takes for the fire to affect the integrity of the door assembly, for example, an FD30 provides 30 minutes of protection and an FD60 would provide 60 minutes. Any accessories that are fitted on a fire door need to be tested with that door and have clear
traceability to ensure the set is fully compatible and the rating of the door has not been compromised.

A fire door needs to either be kept shut at all times or they need to be fitted with a door closer that will shut on the activation of the fire alarm. Everyone has propped a door open in the past with things such as wedges or fire extinguishers but this makes the fire door useless in the event of a fire! Premises can be fined if found to be breaching Fire Safety Regulations in this regard.

We offer the full package

Based in Cardiff and covering Wales and the Southwest, we can offer customers the full fire door package from inspections to brand-new installs. We use a BMTRADA Q-Mark accredited fire door manufacturer who is based in the UK. We are BMTRADA Q-Mark certified for the maintenance and installation of fire doors. By being third-party certified we are regularly audited to ensure our installation and maintenance work meets the high standard set by the accrediting body and gives the client peace of mind that they have a door that in the event of a fire could ultimately save lives.

How can we help?

If we can be of any assistance or you would like some advice on your fire doors, please do not hesitate to contact our Fire Door Division here at Ceaton and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.


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