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Roller Shutter Installation

Ceaton specialise in the supply, installation, service and maintenance of all types of Roller Shutters providing physical security for our client’s premises whether in Cardiff, South Wales to Exeter. Generally Wales and the South West 

Whether your requirement is for commercial, industrial, retail, or even domestic, there’s a style of roller shutter that will suit your requirements. If you’re more concerned about the risk of fire damage than theft, then fire rated shutters may be a consideration.

Roller Shutters are one of the most versatile door products available and can accommodate most sizes of openings. They are the perfect solution for securing doorways, windows and other apertures.

Roller shutters are both economical and robust which makes them one of the most popular types of industrial doors on the market. We can arrange to have your doors powder coated to the RAL colour of your premises or logo should corporate image be important to you.

Most roller shutters can be either manual or electric in operation, however, when you get to a certain size and therefore a certain weight limit the roller shutter will have to be electrically operated and will always employ an emergency manual override system in case of a power failure.

The range of controls available for operating roller shutter doors are numerous and ensure that in a commercial or industrial situation, the very best and safest control can be used for efficient daily use.

When used for security purposes Ceaton can provide an integrated solution, providing high security access control methods incorporating key switches, digital keypads or finger readers if so required.

Please Contact us and one of our automation team members can advise you accordingly.

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