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Since the 7th June 2005 when the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order came into effect, any person who has a level of control in a premises or a degree of control over certain areas of a premises must take reasonable steps to ensure people can safely escape if there is a fire.  Under the Fire Safety Order this person is the “responsible person” and as such they must ensure a fire risk assessment (FRA) is carried out.

Following the FRA, you may be advised your premises needs a Fire Detection and Warning System.  Ceaton’s experienced and highly skilled team can support you with this from the start, through the design process, to installation and commissioning.  We offer the service of maintenance in accordance to current British Standards, and the option of monitoring of these systems if your Fire Risk Assessment requires this.  Below is a brief overview of the systems we support;

Conventional fire panels

In the simplest form, the conventional system consists of a control panel which monitors remote devices, these devices typically consist of smoke sensors, heat sensor and manual call points.  The detectors are wired in zones, each zone covers an area of the building, and in the event of a fire the location of the zone in fire is show at the fire alarm panel by lighting a Zone LED.  The fire and rescue service use this zone indication along with the buildings Zone Diagram (which is situated next to the panel) to locate the seat of the fire.  This type of system is idea for smaller premises such as retail units, offices and industrial units.

Addressable fire panels

More complex sites tend to go for addressable systems.  These systems have the ability to pinpoint the exact detector that has been activated enabling our clients and the fire and rescue services to act more quickly and efficiently in the event of an incident.  This system is idea for care homes, hospitals, industrial sites, schools and large commercial complexes.

Hybrid Systems

In some scenarios installation of wires is not always possible, this may be for a number of reasons such as to the nature of the building, does not lend to the noise and disruption of running cables, or it could be due to the premises construction, i.e. the presence of asbestos.  In this situation wireless detection is used, we off systems which are fully wireless (radio) or a mixture of wired and wireless devices (Hybrid System).

Below are sample of the types of detection systems / sensors which may be used to support the above;

  • Point detection (smoke detectors [photoelectric or ionisation], heat detectors, multi detectors [combination of heat and optical])
  • Beam Detection
  • Linear heat cable
  • Flame detection
  • Video analytics flame or smoke detection
  • Gas suppression systems

As a BAFE SP203-1 accredited service provider we ensure the fire system meets your needs and requirements, whether this is for the purpose of life safety or property protection, our highly skilled team of designers, installers and maintenance engineers based in Cardiff, covering All of Wales and the Southwest will ensure your system is second to none.

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