Cygnus Radio Fire Alarm – Case Study

We were recently contacted by one of our valued clients with regard to a listed building that presented a concerning issue. Specifically, the first-floor fire escape had been removed, resulting in only one fire exit serving five floors. Following a thorough Fire Risk Assessment, an urgent upgrade to an L1 fire alarm system was deemed necessary to facilitate early combustion detection and ensure the safe evacuation of occupants.

Our team at Ceaton was requested to conduct a survey and provide a quote for the necessary work. During the survey, we encountered several challenges due to the building’s listed status and decor, combined with the difficulty of installing a hard-wired system in a working building. As a result, we estimated that a complete hard-wired installation would require approximately three weeks to complete.

However, we were able to propose a cost-effective solution by utilising the Cygnus Radio Fire Alarm system, which allowed us to install the required system in a much shorter time frame. To facilitate the speed of the installation process, we decided to pre-commission the alarm system at our office, programming the Cygnus fire panel with the appropriate zone and text labels for all devices.

During the installation process, we successfully installed an L1 fire alarm system comprising 35 devices and mesh devices, removed all outdated equipment, cleaned the site, mounted the zone diagram, and provided a comprehensive demonstration to the client – all within a record time of seven hours.

As a result of our experience with Cygnus installations and the equipment’s stability and ease of use following Manufacturer training, we are confident in our ability to offer this solution to both existing and prospective clients.

See before and after photos below!

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