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  • Ceaton Security have devised and manufactured stair warning systems specifically for train stations to minimise the burden of unfounded claims and to keep the travelling population safe.

  • Secure facilities that require extreme levels of sophisticated security. Ceaton design team along with our well trained and competent engineering staff have been able to meet these demanding conditions for our client.
  • Ceaton Security install, service and maintain nurse call and fire systems to care homes in order to create safe and secure environments for the more vulnerable members of our society.

  • Ceaton Security are using the latest integrated technologies to provide a safe environment for visitors and assist with the recording and documenting of any incidents as and when they occur.

  • Various visitor attractions also use our expertise to control and monitor footfall.

  • Ceaton Security have utilised the latest technological advances in security systems to reduce the burden of safeguarding the youngest members of our communities.